Stephen E-Moran - Fine Art Photography
  The Coastline, NSW, Australia
  Colours of Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  Sydney - Australia
  The Night Sky - Katoomba, NSW, Australia
  Newport Beach at night, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast - Australia
  Wildlife - B&W
  Wildlife - Sepia
  Wildlife - Silver
  The Moon and the Sky
  Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Coalcliff, NSW, Australia
  Sydney, NSW - Australia
  Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast

The process.

The images in this portfolio were shot on Fuji Velvia – ISO50-100, Kodak or Ilford B&W film which are very high grade professional films ideal for Landscape photography. Images with a 'D' in the reference have been shot on a Nikon D800 digital camera.

To obtain the best lighting conditions for the effect I desire I’m either up very early before twilight has begun to get in place and be ready for the dawns unfolding or set up an hour or so before sunset to catch the suns last rays and the twilight glow of evening. Depending on the result I’m looking to achieve, the actual stage of sunrise or sunset I photograph will vary greatly, just a few minutes here or there can change the whole shot. Obviously during the day there is more time to play with as the light doesn’t necessarily change so dramatically over the space of a few minutes, but even then it’s still important as to what angle the sun is at in relation to what angle of light I’m aiming to capture within the image I’m taking. There are many rules in photography, most of which I’m unaware of or interested in as I believe photography and the framing of an image is about feeling rather than technicalities. As many photographers have said, it’s best to just get out there, take images then learn from your results, this applies from composition right through to obtaining the lighting effect you desire… There is definitely more than one way to take a photograph! The best way is the way that feels right to you… This way your style & passion will come through !

Currently I use Nikon N90S 35mm, Mamiya C220 (film cameras) along with a Nikon D800. As mentioned above, Fuji Velvia film and for B&W Ilford or Kodak, I’ve tried a few different films but have found these to be the best for the results I desire.

I scan the images myself which are of low resolution as they are just scanned for the website, but the final results in print are of a much higher standard hence what you see here is not a true reflection of the end result.