Stephen E-Moran - Fine Art Photography
  The Coastline, NSW, Australia
  Colours of Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  Sydney - Australia
  The Night Sky - Katoomba, NSW, Australia
  Newport Beach at night, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast - Australia
  Wildlife - B&W
  Wildlife - Sepia
  Wildlife - Silver
  The Moon and the Sky
  Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Coalcliff, NSW, Australia
  Sydney, NSW - Australia
  Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast


Photographic prints are output onto metallic paper which provides the best reproduction quality available enabling the image to be presented in the highest possible standard with a brilliant high gloss metallic pearl finish.

(Please be aware that the images shown here are not able to completely reflect the high quality you will receive in actual print).



Framing Information 

Archival Quality –

This is a process which enhances and extends the lifespan of each photographic work, which is simply to say that a framed purchase from Stephen E-Moran’s collection will be of the very highest standard to ensure protection of the actual print & will see your Limited or Open Edition print last for many years to come.

Information –

-         Each photographic print is mounted onto treated aluminium with the use of a high quality film that has been specially formulated. Using a high gloss laminate, it is then sealed completely, thus delivering an archival mounting & sealing finish of the highest quality.

-         The process offers great protection of the print & also protects in high humidity environments.

The Benefits of this process offer a fantastic mounting option & finish to each framed piece which is laminated from edge to edge thus sealing the print. The end result is a high grade gloss finish which is protected from extreme temperatures & humid conditions & offers 100% UV Resistance.

The mounting quality is of an exceptional standard using treated aluminium which has higher archival properties along with being coated on both sides ensures no corrosion over time. Aluminium is the most robust structure available to mount onto adding to the great features of this process. With specially formulated high quality film used for a smoother finish & age resistant laminate adhesive you’d be ensuring the lifespan of your purchase for generations to come.


 Acrylic Facemounts

Just looking to have the photograph and nothing else ? Acrylic facemounts are the ideal way to display images in a vibrant and eye catching format.

What is an acrylic facemount ? - Basically it is the same process as a framed image just without the frame as part of the finished product. The photograph is mounted and sealed behind acrylic and the back of the image is covered with treated aluminium ensuring a flawless, high-quality product with an exceptional finish. The mounting and sealing process ensures that your chosen image will be completely protected.

The photograph is mounted from edge to edge of the acrylic and all edges are then hand polished for a professional, high quality finish. UV protection is also a standard feature of the acrylic's ideal properties. The optically clear museum grade material is 4.5mm in depth with 100% UV protection. Acrylic is also shatterproof with a high resistance to high or low temperatures, sunlight and weather.

Depending on the way you decide to mount your chosen image it can appear tp 'float' approximately 9-17mm from the wall as the mounting materials will be concealed from view.

We can assist with hanging materials if required, please use our contact page if you require further information and pricing.

For additional details please visit - 


Stretched Canvas - (All images are 'Open Editions' when printed on canvas)

This is another great option for displaying your chosen image from our collection. Photographs are printed onto an archival quality canvas material which is custom made to order. Each handcrafted, stretched canvas is printed on Hahnemühle Leonardo Canvas which is the ideal high-end canvas material for photographic artwork reproduction.

The high quality Giclée canvas finish utilises Epson ultrachrome HDR ink to ensure a stunning finished product ready to be wall mounted and displayed to introduce a whole new feel to your chosen residential or business environment.

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Professional Packaging -

(As standard for all framed & print only purchases).

To ensure the highest standard of care & efficiency with regards to the handling & delivery of your purchase Created For Life's Printing & Framing ( offers not only high quality professional prints, mounting & framing but also expert packaging and delivery. From standard prints through to framed images of all sizes, they understand your needs and know how to package your chosen Stephen E-Moran photographic artwork.

Created for Life have also fostered strong working relationships with a range of approved and credible distribution partners worldwide, to ensure that your chosen piece arrives safe and sound, no matter where in the world they are delivered.

Delivery time –

All prints are printed & framed to order & thereafter signed & numbered so please allow a timeframe for each order of approximately 3-4 weeks. (Orders should be received well before but in times of high turnover they could take a little longer).