Stephen E-Moran - Fine Art Photography
  The Coastline, NSW, Australia
  Colours of Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  Sydney - Australia
  Newport Beach at night, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast - Australia
  Wildlife - B&W
  Wildlife - Sepia
  Wildlife - Silver
  The Moon and the Sky
  Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Coalcliff, NSW, Australia
  Sydney, NSW - Australia
  Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast
The Night Sky - 
A subject that brings endless fascination and wonder to us all, a clear night unaffected by light pollution reveals some incredible detail of the stars, planets and galaxies that can be observed with the naked eye. Depending on your location on earth you'll see things very differently when looking up and around into the night sky. There are numerous books and websites that can provide information on what you can see and when throughout the year based on your specific earthly coordinates. A website I used to help plan for this set of images was - which is an easy to use reference source to help understand exactly when the best times and dates will be to view your chosen subject/s.
For this series of photographs my subject was the setting milkyway in the west from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains National Park, about 2 hours west of central Sydney. If you wish to understand more about what I managed to capture visit the stellarium website, pop in the location and set the date to October 23rd 2019 then look to the west starting at 7.50pm - 10.30pm.
The first couple of images were taken facing south as the twilight colours began to transcend. As the light began to fall away the secrets of the night sky gradually began to reveal themselves. The main subject is the milkyway however the planets of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are all visible, I'll leave it for you to find them amongst all those stars if you wish.
I hope you enjoy these images and if you'd like to have one of these scenes of the night sky as a permanent fixture on your wall you'll find the link to purchase once clicking onto your chosen image.
Thank you so much for viewing these images. - Stephen E-Moran