Stephen E-Moran - Fine Art Photography
  The Coastline, NSW, Australia
  Colours of Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  Sydney - Australia
  The Night Sky - Katoomba, NSW, Australia
  Newport Beach at night, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast - Australia
  Wildlife - B&W
  Wildlife - Sepia
  Wildlife - Silver
  The Moon and the Sky
  Sydney CBD, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Coalcliff, NSW, Australia
  Sydney, NSW - Australia
  Autumn - Mount Wilson, NSW, Australia
  The Night Sky - Newport Beach, NSW, Australia
  Gold Coast
Ice illuminations:
A few years back whilst living on the Gold Coast in Australia I was enjoying a nice cold drink with plenty of ice. I'm always pondering and receiving creative ideas and the thought of illuminating the underneath of the glass came to mind. I was drinking a Jim Beam with coke at the time and placing a white light underneath the glass created a beautiful amber colour through the liquid and ice with a clear white rim of the glass.
I experimented with the idea recently and this gallery shows some of the results achieved using ice and the combination of ice with water, using numerous coloured light sources to create different illumination effects. When enlarged or zoomed in details within the ice formations such as bubbles, condensation and texture can become more visible.
I have many more ideas to experiment with but I hope you enjoy this selection and maybe obtain some form of inspiration of your own.
Thank you for viewing - Stephen E-Moran